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March 2007 Lunar Eclipse

March 2007 Lunar Eclipse

Unfortunately for observers of the Northeast, the moon was already in full eclipse when it rose just after sunset on March 7th of 2007. The Earth’s atmosphere refracts sunlight around the edges of our planet towards the lunar surface. The refracted light creates the reddish orange color. Were the Earth to have no atmosphere the Moon would disappear into total darkness during an eclipse.

Optics: WO Zenithstar 80 FD APO  
Exposure: 1 sec RAW  
F/Stop: f 7.0  
Mount: GM 8  
Camera: Rebel XT  
ISO: 1600  
Filter: NA  
Time: 06:00 PM  
Date: 03/03/2007  
Location: Glen Gardner, NJ  
Processing: RAW file converted to 16 bit TIFF using Canon Raw Converter. Background darkened and blurred to remove noise in CS 1.  

Glen Gardner, NJ 08826