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Sunspot grouping AR1560

Sunspot grouping AR1560

The large Sunspot AR1560 dominates the Sun on September 1st, 2012. This image is a panorama of 11 videos taken with a CCD/video camera (Image Source DMK21AU), a Lunt Solar Wedge and a Stellarvue 105 Triplet APO refractor. A Telvue 4X Powermate with 2" Baader Solar Continuum filter was inserted into the wedge. This was followed by the Image Source DMK21AU video camera with a UR/IR filter inserted into the nose piece. Eleven video images were obtained of the Sunspot and the area around it. Later on, each video sample was stacked into a Tiff image using Autostakkert 2 with 3X drizzle. Following this, all eleven images were merged into a panorama using Photoshop's photomerge function. This was followed by some curve and level adjustments in Photoshop. False color was then added to the originally black and white image.

Optics: SV 105  
Exposure: 1/60 sec, at 30 fps, 1 minute  
F/Stop: ~28  
Filter: Baader SC, uv/ir block  
Date: 09/01/2012  
Location: High Bridge, NJ  
Processing: Autostakkert 2, CS2  

Glen Gardner, NJ 08826