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The Rosette Nebula ~ A60

The Rosette Nebula   ~ A60

Like a beautiful rose in space, the Rosette Nebula (Caldwell 49) glows 5,200 light years away in the constellation Monoceres. In the heart of the nebula lies the star cluster NGC 2244. The stars of this cluster were born out of the dust and gas of the nebula. Now the hot young stars of the cluster emit radiation that lights the surrounding dust and gas. The entire nebula itself is estimated to be 130 light years across. It is currently believed that star formation is currently still ongoing within the nebula.

Optics: WO 80 FD APO Refractor  
Exposure: 77X300sec. (6.3hr)  
F/Stop: 5.5 with WO 0.8 TypeII FF/FR  
Mount: Orion Atlas guided  
Camera: Rebel T1i/Moded,UV/IR cut filter  
ISO: 800  
Filter: Astronomiks CLS clip-in  
Time: 09:21 PM  
Date: 01/15/2012  
Location: High Bridge, NJ shot over 2 nights  
Processing: PHD and BYEOS dithering, IP 4.5, CS2  

Glen Gardner, NJ 08826