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The Double Cluster ~A53

The Double Cluster  ~A53

The Double Cluster located in Persus is a combinaton of two clusters, NGC 884 and NGC 869. Each cluster is relatively young at 3.2 and 5.6 million years old. Between the two clusters there are over 300 blue-white giant stars. From a dark sky, the two clusters can be seen as a hazy patch located between the constellations Cassiopia and Persus.

Optics: WO 80 FD  
Exposure: 136X70 sec.  
F/Stop: 5.5 with WO 0.8X FR/FF type II  
Mount: Orion Atlas  
Camera: Canon 50D  
ISO: 800  
Filter: none  
Date: 11/06/2011  
Location: High Bridge, NJ  
Processing: IP 4.5, CS2  

Glen Gardner, NJ 08826