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Colorful Moon    ~A10 East of Altair    ~A6 Horsehead Nebula Leo Trio
Long night      ~A5 M13 M33 The Triangulum Galaxy M42 The Orion Nebula and NGC1977   ~A54
March 2007 Lunar Eclipse Moon and Venus North American Nebula in H-alpha Open for Business  ~A21
Stellafane 2006   ~A1 Sunspot grouping AR1560 Sunspots AR1543 and AR1542 Sunspots liter the Sun
Teeter meets Orion  ~A 13 The Big Dipper from CSSP   ~A 14 The California Nebula  ~A55 The Double Cluster  ~A53
The Helix Nebula The Lunar Halo ~A 11 The Observers      ~A4 The Rosette Nebula   ~ A60
The Sun in White light  ~A51 Venus Transit 2012

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